My Progress

Saturday, May 16, 2009

querulous:- 1. Apt to find fault; habitually complaining. 2. Expressing complaint; fretful; whining.

Oh Boy, it's been quite a while, hasn't it? I am not one to keep more than one blog at a time, I decided to write in my calorie King blog for a while, lot of good that's done me, I've put on so much weight this year. Bad, bad eating and less and less exercise. I know that's the wrong way around, but I am so run down, I'm just not dealing with that at the moment.

Anyway, I decided to write in here, cos I need to record exactly what I've done today and help me see why I am so exhausted tonight.

Alarm at 6:30, 20 minutes of trying to ignore the fact my husband hit the snooze button 3 times.

6:50- Shower, kids breakfast ready. Wake kids up (I hate waking my girls up. It's cruel!! And it sucks because while they are asleep, I should be asleep too!! :-( )

7:50 madly get kids dressed because they dawdled eating breakfast.

8:10 in the car off to the Dentist.

8:30 waiting for dentist.

8:40 the little ones and I get seen. Dentist is really happy with the girls teeth, and mine. I get inflicted with a teeth clean (hate them, have really, really sensitive teeth.)

9:20 Leave Ken and DstepD to their visit and head off to DstepD's scout troop to do treasurer work.

9:45- arrive sooner than I expected and have to keep little ones entertained while waiting for everyone else.

10:30- Head back towards home to take 2yo swimming.

10:50- Meet Ken in car park where he's dropping DstepD off to meet the bus for a movie day. Swap 4yo for swimming bag and take 2yo to her lesson.

11:30 hop into kiddie pool with 2yo and 4yo for a play.

11:45- convince them to get out and get dressed so we can get some lunch.

12:15- Head home, pick up shopping list and head into Cranbourne.

12:30 Meet Ken in the food court. Meet up with a playgroup friend too.

1:15pm-4pm go to the supermarket, drop shopping home, then onto the fresh food market.

4:15 get everything home and put away. Decide Ken is picking DstepD up from the bus "because I said so". Plop in front of the computer to have a break. 4yo constantly reminds me that she needs "banana chocolate chip cookie muffins" for playgroup tomorrow. I decide I am too tired to make them and make dinner. I tell her that I'll make them after she goes to bed. She's ok with that.

5:15 make dinner, the weekend is the two days of the week that the girls will eat all their tea, because they can have icecream afterwards.

6pm start cleaning kitchen. Wash dishes. 4yo helps me dry them and put them away. So cute. She was a fantastic help.

7:15pm get girls ready for bed. teeth, story, over tired crying, refusal to lie down in bed. I kiss them, say goodnight and leave them to it.

8pm make banana choc chip muffins. Disappointed, because they aren't as nice as we normally make. 4yo obviously has that special touch.

9:30 Sit in front of computer writing blog seeing that it was an amazing day that has exhausted me and I need to go to bed!!

My days vary, this one was a doozy! I hope everyone sleeps in tomorrow!!