My Progress

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Things are going along alright. I had to go back to hospital at the start of May. I developed an infection and needed IV antibiotics to get better. It was a 5 day stay that time, so in terms of my stays it was a short one. 

I'm still on antibiotic tablets, as well as stomach acid reducers, magnesium and potassium.

I get tired later in the day. Today I was back in bed at 11:30am after getting the girls off to school and watching The Circle. Mind you, it's been a busy few days. The school had their Bunnings BBQ on Sunday, then I spent Monday and Tuesday mornings at the school. I just needed a day off today. 

I'm trying to get food under control. Again. Getting so tired, I just can't be bothered cooking. I've found it better to cook when I have the energy and freeze extra meals. Like tonight. After having my  afternoon nap, I was up to cooking. I made a cottage pie and some butternut macaroni and cheese. It's so yum. I got it from escape from obesity's blog. I've made it a few times.  

When I freeze these meals, I have decided to stuff what the kids eat, they are fussy buggers. They can have something else and I can enjoy my favourites. 

I have such a problem with my youngest one's eating. She has such a limited menu to choose from. It's easier to list what she will eat than what she wont. She's 5 years old now and there is no sign of her attitude to trying new things improving. She'd rather just go without than try anything different. I put a post up on Facebook asking for a local tried and approved of paediatrician and was given some terrific advice on how to get her to eat. All of which I had already tried. Get her to help cook, let her pick what to have, buy some kids recipe books, send her to bed without dinner if she refuses to eat "that will fix her in a couple of months". Done them all. She has said on a couple of occasions that if she tries something new, she'll throw up. It happened once before. Nothing serious, but enough to affect her. I'm surprised nobody suggested giving her a multivitamin! That would be funny, trying to get her to swallow that! 
But on a positive note, I've got the number of a local Paed who's helped my great nephew. We wont be seeing him until the 29th of June, but I think we can survive until then. Just.

Til next time,