My Progress

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things are going ok tummywise. The glue seems to be holding. I've still got an infection in my side, so I'm still on antibiotics, but fingers crossed all is well!

My kids are home with tonsilitis, so I am being driven mad by 2 girls who are otherwise well, but have a cough that will spread an infection within seconds!!

I just really wanted to update my weight chart. Gastro is a wonderful, short term weightloss tool. :-)

Til next time,

Friday, August 19, 2011

I finally had my stomach glued on Friday. I was on the other side of town by 7am, in the operating room by 9am and on my way home again by 12:30. I picked up my 6yo from school.
It all went well. I was not allowed to lift anything heavy for a day or so. My side has slowed it's leaking. I still have a bit of infection in there. But I have antibiotics. The amount coming out has certainly slowed, and the stretching of the bottom muscle of my stomach has reduced the pressure built up from eating.
It does mean I have to be careful, because I am not feeling as full, so there is a risk of eating more. I also run the risk of dumping syndrome if I eat anything too rich. I've noticed milk isn't too friendly again.

Now, I need to work on self discipline. It would help if I wasn't up at 1am writing a blog. Now, writing a blog is ok, it's just the time that I'm doing it at which is a little bit of an issue.
Just trying to get some control in a situation that I'm feeling a little out of control of.

Til next time,