My Progress

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a flying post tonight, I'm stuffed! We put up a trampoline yesterday and today my arms are putting in a late protest. It didn't help that after putting said trampoline up, I then went and did some grocery shopping. I guess the protest is upheld!

Anyhoo, exciting news for me. I have lost 300g and am finally out of the 106's! These days any loss is a celebration for me. My heart can finally see what my head has been saying since I started on Calorie King back in 2007. I know that a 100g loss is still a 100g loss, but when I was 150kg, it felt like jack F***ing sh*t really! It's good, yes, but when you have so many of the little buggers to lose, you just want the scales to hurry up!
But now, even with 30kg still to lose, I am happy with my tiny little losses. I have learned patience, at least with the scales anyway. This is for life and the huge numbers that I pulled when I was in and out of hospital were not going to be sustainable. Now I celebrate the losses and don't sweat the gains, cos I know that eventually it will come back down again.

I just wish I could have seen this when I was at 129kg the first time and everything slowed down. Instead of patience, I let everything slide and my weight crept back up. I guess now I have my sleeve, it's that little tool that can help me get back on track when I'm ready again. Cos, it's not like I can fall off the wagon in a big way! There's no whole mudcakes, or huge servings of KFC for me anymore.

Even with the annoying hole in my side still there, getting the sleeve is the best thing I could have done for myself, physically and mentally. Imagine the difference when I finally get off my lazy arse and do some exercise!!

Til next time,