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Sunday, June 7, 2009

I have just had one of the lovliest weekends I've had for a long time. 4yo and I flew to Adelaide to meet up with the lovely Kylie and her beautiful husband Ross. We went to the Adelaide Zoo on Saturday afternoon, there is a lot of work going on there at the moment. It is going to be absolutely amazing when it's finished. Some of the animals had been moved to other zoos while this is going on, but there was still heaps to see.
These giraffes came right up to us, giving me a great photo opportunity!! Little did I know, they had seen some keepers with food right behind me!!

This is Bonnie the horse. We found her just as we were about to leave. Trying to get 4yo off it was fun. She wanted to take it home!!

On Sunday Kylie had a "biggest morning tea" for cancer research. It was a lovely group of ladies and Kylie ran a fantastic morning, with lots of games.

4yo helped Kylie wrap the "castle to castle" on Saturday night and was so excited to play it, it was all we heard about!

We made hats out of a sheet of newspaper, two pieces of paper and a roll of sticky tape. This was the one 4yo helped make.

We had to wear hats. This one said "pink angel" on the front. Ken didn't think this one was really me. :-(

I've included the following photo, only cos I would hate to think I don't follow through on threats!! :-)

Nice photo, hey?? Kylie is just so photogenic!! :-P We had such a lovely day. But I must admit, I was exhausted when I got home. 4yo is the most gorgeous, loving child, but oh, boy, she doesn't stop!! Talking, running or thinking!! I was drained, but it was so worth it!! Kylie and Ross are just so nice, we talked and talked all weekend.

There are rumours that I may go back to Adelaide again. Hmmm... I'll never say never! :-)

Til next time,


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