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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I just read Kylie's comment from my last entry. Thank you. I just never feel that way. I alway analyse what I say or do after the fact. Beat myself up. I try not to. I work on talking myself out of it, but when I get tired, it takes a lot to talk myself around. I've never been good enough, in my own eyes. I'm supposed to say the right thing all the time.

Last night I went and saw Twilight and New Moon, both for the first time. I read the series earlier this year and enjoyed them. I have a friend who is a middle of the road Twilight fanatic, has watched the DVD heaps. She invited me with a group of her friends to come and see New Moon at Midnight on the day of release!! How cool it was!! The cinema was packed. Everyone laughed and cheered and sighed when their man came on the screen. (For any non twilight fans, it's Edward the vampire or Jacob the Werewolf)
We had a really good night.

Done nothing today, it's too hot. Ken let me sleep in this morning, so my laziness has just spread through the day.

Maybe something more interesting will happen tomorrow.


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  1. Glad you enjoyed your night out. I don't want to see the movies till I have read the books, and there is an 18 month wait at the library for them... :o)

    I hope it cools down your way soon. We got our cool change at about 4.30 this morning.