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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hehehe, just read my last post back. I made the cookies, they were crap!! Don't know what I did wrong, I've made the recipe before, but they went in the bin. The second batch I made was a different recipe, but the kids didn't like them! Ken and I loved them!! Oh well, can't please everyone, I guess. two nights of baking cookies in the middle of the night and that's all the thanks that I get!! :-)

Anyway, the last week of school is over and it was incredibly busy. I've just come home from my stepdaughter's 21st, the last event before Boxing day when I meet up with the extended family. I feel like I can relax now. I am so looking forward to spending the day at home tomorrow, not having to worry about anything! Hoping the girls will sleep in too.

The 21st was brilliant! We were on a property not far from us. We had hayrides, toasted marshmallows, sang karaoke. There was plenty of food, the kids could run around. It was very relaxed, just excellent.

But now I'm very tired. Hopefully now things are settling down, I might be able to think of more interesting things to write about in my blog. :-) Maybe even look at weightloss?? Maybe... :-)

Til next time,


  1. woot :) glad you had a great night at the 21st sounded like lots of fun...

    hehehe things settling down? are you CRAZY? LOL :) lol

    Anne :)

  2. Ness ... I Hope you and yours have a Wonderful and restfull Christmas and may 2011 be your year to finish your weightloss journey .xxxxx