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Sunday, December 5, 2010

So, I wrote the email to the school principal. 5yo stayed home on Wednesday. We ended  up at the school, cos I had Bunnings BBQ stuff to do. The principal brought us into the office and had a chat with her. It turns out there were ANOTHER 2 kids who were giving her a hard time. The girl that punched her got in "big trouble". I felt much better, glad I gave her the day off and felt that the issues had been dealt with. I also took her for a hair cut. One of the issues we were having in the mornings was that she didn't like getting the knots out of her hair. She would cry, and it was one of the reasons she gave for not wanting to go to school. She now has a nice bob cut and has no trouble brushing it. So Thursday and Friday were so much easier!! She was a much happier child.

Thursday was spent looking at kitchen stuff. We will be getting a new kitchen in January. I just have to decide what brand of appliances I want in there.

Friday, Playgroup, canteen duty, grocery shopping for Bunnings BBQ, Pick up daughter from school, pick up sliced onions from pizza shop. take niece to Basketball game, come home, fall asleep!

Yesterday I spent the day at Bunnings Cranbourne, cooking and selling sausages. Last night I could barely walk! But we raised $1286 for the school, so I was happy with that.

This morning I weighed in. I lost 2.7kg! After hovering around 109 for 2 months, I am just gobsmacked!!  But I'm not going to do a bbq each week to help lose weight!!!

Today is more appliance shopping.  I'll decide today, after going to a couple more places to have a look.

Only 13 more days til school holidays!! Yay!! Only 20 more sleeps til Christmas!! Must find my list...

Til next time,


  1. woohoo that's fantastic news on the weight loss :) well done..

    and I'm glad that things are sorting out for your daughter, including how cute bob cut :) she'll love that come summer too...


  2. Clap Clap Clap ** where are the dam Smileies ** LOL

    Go Ness Go ... that is what happens to me sit of one number for a couple of months then without doing anything diffrent whamo a good loss not as good as yours lol but Good for me

  3. Hey I see you took my advise about getting the onions chopped at a pizza shop easier yeah.

    Fantastic weight loss.

    I am glad you got the problem sorted with the school.

    katt xoxo