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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wow, this is post one hundred!! Cue the fanfare, balloons and streamers!!!

... Ok, maybe not!!

Today was just "a day in the life". I took 4yo swimming this morning. Then went bowling (to prebowl for next week), then 4yo had 4yo kinder orientation. Then it was time to pick 5yo up from school and take her to swimming.

Nothing weightloss related happened, unless you count 15 minutes of breastroke across the kids pool as exercise.

Everyone is tired. The whole family. Poor 5yo is having mean things said to her at school. yesterday she informs me that one of her friends told her that Santa and the tooth fairy don't exist. Today she's been called fat by two different girls and was punched in the stomach by one of them. And these girls are supposed to be her friends! And she fell over and hurt her eye. I want to go and slap these girls, but of course, I wont. I'll be writing a letter to the principal and asking him to forward it on to her teacher.
And if she informs me that she doesn't want to go to school in the morning, I'm not going to fight her. Who knows what she'll come home with tomorrow? I held a sad, tired girl in my arms tonight, and it breaks my heart.  I can see myself in her. I loved the classroom, but hated playtime. I don't want that for her. She's a beautiful girl, with a good heart. She doesn't deserve this.

Til next time,


  1. I will go and bop them for you ness. Nasty little kids.
    As with santa I accidently told my kids he does'nt exist at least now I don't have to worry that the kids at school will spoil the surpise.:)

    Hope things get better

    Katt xoxo

  2. Ness **hugs** Kids can be so cruel .. I went through a lot of what you say with my younger Ones the Older Ones were Firey more like their Dad but the Younger Ones were like yours and really got upset ..I would go along with the letter to the Principal I actually seemed to be at the School all the time with the Younger Ones .