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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 3 Day 6

Slack, slack, slack!!

Ok, so last week's weigh in saw me gain 1/2 kilo, but an unofficial weigh in saw me lose another 100g off my lowest weight, so go figure?

Focus hasn't been good, obviously, cos I haven't been on here. I guess I didn't want to do a negative blog, cos no one wants to read that, right?

But as I am writing this for me, and I know the  one or two people who do read this who would kick my butt for not writing, here we go!!

I have been feeling pretty down. Last Monday I just stayed at home and was miserable. I was supposed to go bowling and just didn't feel like it. I spent the afternoon deleting gaming friends from Facebook. (I've deleted most of my games, except packrat)
I deleted one friend who had been a good friend, but had just disappeard from my life. It was sad, but it was harder to see photos of her kids come up on my Facebook. I miss them.
I had to go pick 5yo up from school. I saw my teammates, one of them made me laugh and I realised that everything would be ok.

I don't know why I am so intent on not reaching my goal of 106 kilos. It's 3 kilos FFS!! I am not eating right, I haven't been making exercise part of my routine. I am sabotaging majorly.

My counsellor is starting to get peeved with me. I can see her point. I am the only one who can do this. Nobody else can.

It's 5 o'clock. I want to go and eat. While it is coming onto tea time, I did have a banana only an hour or so ago. I think it's more the fact that my printer is out of ink and I can't even read the Superannuation rollover form that I wanted to fill in and post off tomorrow. I can't fix it now, so I'm getting a little stressed.

6pm. I'm over the printer... I had a piece of raisin toast at 5:30. I've made the girls dinners. So appreciative, 4yo says "yuk" and 5yo is waiting for it to cool down... hmmm...

6:30,I've tidied my computer desk, so I know where everything is and have gotten rid of the crap that shouldn't be there. I'm trying to make space so I can do the homework the counsellor set me.  Hubby's just walked in and I'm off to make his dinner.

Gee, this has turned into an exciting blog. I can even distract myself from blogging by finding other stuff to do.

Maybe one day I'll be able to do one thing at a time and finish it before I start the next thing... Maybe!!

Til next time,


  1. I read this as well. I was wondering when you were going to do your next blog.Keep your chin up you are doing so well.

  2. Ness .. sorry I am just getting to reading your Blog ..I have been really sick this last week and hardly even got on the net some days but this is not about Me it about you ... I have been wondering the exact same thing about myself with this weight loss I long to get into the 80's and I am good all wekk untill thursdays the day before weigh day and have a major binge all day like I can eat 5,000 cals yikes .. so what do we do to stop this and why are we doing it .. well mine is Boredom I am sure .. and the other thing is I really think I am afraid of getting down to the eighties stupid I know .. now are you maybe afraid of makeing that move also .. why why why do we do it and heh I posted a really negatine Blog last friday on Ck and have never posted negative ones before and you know it makes you really think about what is bugging you . and helps if you put it out there ... Love you Ness **hugs**