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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ok, I've decided that Monday is a crap day for weigh in. I seem to gain weight between Sunday and Monday. So I'm changing it to Sunday. At least for one week I'll have a loss!! Sundays look so much better!! I seem to hit my lowest weights on a Sunday. For some reason, I weigh myself on the Sunday. I rarely weigh myself any other day. It just does my head in!!
I've lost 600 grams since last week, but gained 700g in a day!! I was so sure I'd be at a new lowest weight for my official weigh in. Oh, well. If you pissfart around, you don't get anywhere. "A goal without a due date is just a dream". So, for now I dream. :-p

Anyway, on to my week. I had my garage sale on Saturday, made $87.50, which wasn't bad for spending the day sitting on my doorstep reading David Hicks' memoirs (personally, I think it reads like a screenplay. If he's not trying to sell the movie rights, I'd be very surprised.)  I'd spent the week going through my house, trying to be ruthless and get rid of stuff.  Worked off a few calories lugging the "merchandise" (AKA crap I don't want anymore) out and then what was left into the garage until this morning when it was loaded into a trailer and went to the op shop.

On Sunday I worked at 5yo's school at their working bee. 3 hours of weeding certainly works those glutes and hamstrings!!! I was so sore this morning. It made bowling interesting!!

Now, the funniest thing happened last week. I was on the computer (no surprises there) and the dog started barking. Then yelping in the way that means he's scared shitless or in pain. Ken went out to have a look what was wrong. I heard a woman's voice say "it's probably me". I thought it was coming from next door, but no, we had a woman in our back yard!! She was an elderly woman and she'd just walked in, didn't ring the doorbell, just went through our gate!! I didn't quite know what was going on when Ken brought her inside, but I soon found out that she was looking to get a jump on the garage sale!
I swear to God, this woman straight away reminded me of Nan from the "Catherine Tate Show".  If you don't know who she is, watch this...

She kept saying "how do you put up with the kids?" Complained about the oldies in the village she lives in, but didn't quite swear the way that "Nan" does. She ended up buying a stool, then proceeded to complain about how hard it was to sit on!! She came back on Saturday and told me she'd made a cushion for it.
The kicker for me was when she mentioned the previous owners. I told her their name but she didn't know. She then mentioned how she had a scooter that had broken down on the way home. I said "that was us, we loaded it on the trailer and took it home for you" She wasn't convinced and said " but it was a big lady"
"Yes that was me!" I remember this, the poor thing was pushing the bloody thing!!
She was shocked, I was stoked!! This woman sugarcoats nothing!! She didn't even recognise me. It wasn't until 5yo walked in and she remembered her that she was convinced.

I know, it shouldn't take a stranger to reinforce what all my friends are telling me, but I guess I dismiss what my friends say, cos they're my friends, they're supposed to be nice to me. :-)

Hmmm... my friends can be pretty honest. Maybe I should listen to them more...

Til next time,


  1. Did you mention she should'nt walk into people back yard unannounced she could of have let the dog out. Silly old biddy.
    Anyway I hope changing weigh in day works.You are doing really well and you do look good.

  2. Ness today I have no words of wisdom but I do support ever step you take are a very careing Friend and I am really proud of you xxx