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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, where did that go??

Ok, so my logic for changing my weigh in day has gone right out the window!! This week there was no change on Sunday and a 500g loss on Monday!! I give up trying to work it out!!

I had to take Ken to the hospital last night. He was in pain and it felt different to normal to him, so we sat in the waiting room for over 4 hours. We fell asleep in there. I woke up and Ken said "this is crazy, lets go home. They had given him some panadeine forte and it seemed to help him a little. He wasn't pacing, unable to sit down anymore. He hadn't seen a doctor, but he seemed to be coping with it better. So I went to the desk to let them know we were going. All of a sudden I went dizzy and fainted!! They scooped me up onto a bed and took me inside. Amazing where beds can come from when you need them, hey?? My blood pressure was 92/50. It came up again, I rested for an hour or so. They took my pressure again when I stood up and it wasn't very good. Ken had to drive home!! What a pair we make!! 3:30 this morning we got home.

So today I haven't done much more than sleep and rest. I didn't even get dressed! Jammie day. I'll try and make a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I don't know if I fainted because I hadn't drunk enough yesterday, or if my weightloss has something to do with it. Maybe my obesity kept my blood pressure normal??  My mum has low blood pressure, so it's something to investigate.

Saw Harry Potter on Sunday. Gees, it was loud. And I jumped, lots!! :-) I enjoyed it, except for the volume. And the hand held camera work at times, it hurt my eyes. but the story was good. Or is that cos it's been so long since I read it I can't compare the book and the movie? :-)
Oh, and Katt- it stayed to the book, the kiss isn't real. :-)

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  1. Not good about Ken but not good about you either. Hope you get in to see a doc.

    Thanks for the info about Harry Potter. I may just wait until it comes on D.V.D.I hate loudness and wonky camera may make me a bit sea sick :)

  2. Ness .. well done on the 500 grm loss that is great any loss is great me thinks lol ... Not good your BP dropping so low ... that is my usual BP lol I have to be carefull standing up as it drops lower and I have to sit down really quickly untill I recover .. I hope Ken is feeling AOK now and so are you .