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Saturday, January 15, 2011

What a busy fortnight I've had!!
We started the week ripping our kitchen out. It was fuuuunnnn!!! :-) I got to attack the yellow benchtops and brown cupboards with a hammer! My nephew stayed over and gave us a hand.
So now, all that is in there is the dishwasher, the stove and the microwave. By the end of the month we should have a new kitchen!! God, I hope so, cos everything else is everywhere! There's a cupboard in the entrance way, a pantry in the garage and my dining table is my bench.

Last Monday night my friend lost his mother. She was sick and had been in hospital since boxing day. I have spent the last week helping look after their kids while they make arrangements and helped a little bit with finding clothes for them to wear for the funeral, which was today. It was a lovely, simple service. She was a wonderful woman and loved her family so much, and they loved her even more, if that's possible.

Wednesday was Hubby's birthday. I took him into Melbourne for the night and we saw "The Boy from Oz". It was fantastic!! Todd McKenney is absolutely brilliant as Peter Allen!! We stayed in a lovely hotel and had Ken's favourite dinner... KFC!! :-)

I haven't been worrying about what I'm eating, yet I've managed to drop another 200g below my lowest weight. That was a nice feeling on Wednesday and I left for our night out feeling really good, really skinny! :-)

I have been meaning to measure myself to compare to what I was before. I've taken my Calorie King measurements when I was 150.3kg.

Body Measurements

Chest  Start 148cm, tonight 120cm. Lost 28cm
Waist  Start 138cm, tonight 110cm Lost 28cm
Hips   Start  160cm, Tonight 132cm Lost 28cm
Thigh   Start  76cm,  Tonight 63cm  Lost 13cm

Hows that for even, all over weightloss?? :-) Pretty damn happy with those numbers!!
It's funny, I only got to have a good look at my body when we were staying in the hotel. It had mirrorred doors in the bedroom. I don't have a full length mirror at home. I am smaller!! I know that sounds bloody stupid, especially with those numbers, but I hadn't really seen it. I look down and all I see is the baggy bits, the stomach still hanging down, and don't get me started on those deflated balloons called boobs!!
I get lots of compliments, but I didn't see what everyone else saw.

And after the holidays, these numbers will be getting even smaller. It's starting to get beyond my wildest dreams. I can set goals and reel off numbers, but to actually get there is going to be fantastic!!

Til next time,

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  1. That's fantastic Ness.. overall well done... glad you had a good time away too...