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Friday, March 25, 2011

Last night I made a decision.  Nothing life changing, but any piece of clothing the I wore at 150kg should no longer be in my wardrobe. Don't get me wrong, I have culled a LOT of clothes, but I have some favourite clothes that I have kept wearing. And I hadn't been bra shopping SINCE LONG BEFORE THE SURGERY!                                                    So this morning my size 26 undercoverwear tshirts that I know swim on me but were so comfortable went in the "to go to a worthy cause" box. And 2 pair of tracksuit pants. I haven't thrown the bras yet, cos I don't have replacements yet. I went to Kmart last night and tried some on, but of course couldn't get my size. Even after losing 48kg I still have trouble finding clothes! At least they're smaller clothes!                                                                                 So, this afternoon, for some strange reason, I decided to weight myself. I normally do this first thing in the morning, after the loo, before breakfast and wirthout clothes to add any extra weight. and only take notice of Sunday's reading. I have been really hungry lately, real, physical hunger, not the "head hunger" I get at night. I guess I wanted to see what damage I'd done. The scales read 106.1kg! my new lowest weight! I couldn't believe it! I am half a pound away from a 100lb loss and my first major goal! 6.2kg and I'm in double figures, my next big goal.        (SORRY, I'M WRITING THIS ON MY PHONE, ANY CAPITALS IS BECAUSE THE CAPSLOCK IS STUCK ON AND I CAN'T FIX IT! OR PRESS ENTER! I WAS JUST SO EXCITED ABOUT ALL MY NEWS, I HAD TO TYPE IT, EVEN THOUGH IT'S 2 IN THE MORNING!

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