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Monday, September 12, 2011

The last week has been emotional, tiring, rewarding and enfuriating.

A couple of my friends lost loved ones last week. One a grandmother, the other a father. I went to one of the funerals on Friday. I knew the dad and he was a lovely man. The funeral was a lovely service and a fitting farewell to him. My friend held up well during the service.
On Saturday and Sunday I helped a friend move house. I didn't stop all weekend. Sunday morning my muscles were screaming at me! I'm still a little sore, but better than I was then! It was a huge job!
Monday I went bowling. Didn't get a single average. :-( Oh well. We still won, thanks to my partner.
I was heading off to lunch and I drove past the optometrist, which reminded me that my 6yo had an appointment this afternoon! I rang to double check. Yep. I had an hour and a half! So, it was a quick lunch, pass the shopping list onto hubby and off again!

I got home and found a letter from the council. Apparently someone has complained about our dogs barking. I know exactly who it was. The same people who told the council about the caravan in our backyard. The people who have moved in with one of my neighbours. After 10 years of peace, they have moved in, taken over and done nothing but whinge about us since. The fact that I blew up at one of them and have barely spoken to them since could be a small issue. I just wish they would fuck off!! But they wont. :-(

It was the final straw today. I just went to bed. I couldn't face any more. I didn't want to deal with the my poor children. I didn't want to talk about the dogs. I just wanted to hide. The friend I helped move called me and helped me see that I couldn't let them win. I was about to put a for sale sign up and get away from here. The dogs were getting taken to the pound. The boarder in the backyard was getting evicted. I was fleeing! But she helped me see sense. I finally got out of bed again, walked into the loungeroom and saw my 6yo cuddling our girl puppy and I knew she wasn't going anywhere.

so, I guess it's time to take them to obedience training!

I still hate my neighbours.

Til next time,

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