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Friday, September 30, 2011

PMS sucks!!

I know what it is. Everything that anyone says that can be twisted, gets twisted. I once almost burst into tears because my hubby wanted his scrambled eggs cooked a bit more. Apparently I couldn't even get that right!
Tonight it was a comment from a friend. She'd rung the day before her payday and needed to grab some two minute noodles to feed her kids. I did my usual mock indignation that she would want to get something so expensive and joked that I'd have to put a Woolworths sign on my house. She laughed and said she'd replace them when they went shopping the next day, which they did. No biggy
Tonight they had been given a heap of bread and fruit and gave me a couple of loaves and a bag of fruit. As I was leaving we joked that she should put Coles on the front of her house cos I've already got Woolies. She said "and we don't want those replaced".
Well, have I been stewing on it. It is stupid. It was a joke. I need to pull my head in and not blow this up out of all proportion, but my hormones are causing me to explode at stupid shit and I feel like it's too hard to take a breath and count to 10.
My Stepdaughter is here for the weekend too. She needs to up her medication, so she's manic and repetitive and annoying and I think I am going to need to escape before I try to strangle her. I'm guessing by Saturday night I'll be hiding in my room. We have to wait until she sees a psychiatrist before we can officially up it, but her mum has put it up a small amount just to try and settle her down a bit. She's not coping at all. Hence the more hell than usual.

I feel like an emotional yoyo. One day I'm happy and excited and motivated, the next it's all I can do to get out of bed! Right now I am tired and my head is thinking of all the negative things in my life. I need to get a job, we are going to run out of money, purely because I have no money skills. I have a house that's a pigsty and will never get it clean. I am so lazy, I never get off my arse to get anything done. My friends are not my friends, nobody loves me, I'm all alone and can't talk to anyone about it. I am a horrible person and all these things prove it.

Now, the last counsellor I saw told me to imagine a big negativity switch and I had to visualise myself turning the switch off. Great theory, but in the middle of it all, it's a big crock of shit! When I'm feeling a little stronger, I use the virtual shoebox, where I take the negative thoughts, particularly the ones that appear in the middle of the night, and put them in the shoe box to deal with the next day. More often than not, I completely forget what I was stressing about the night before. If it was a real shoebox, it would be chockers!!
So, now I'll just try to remember to breathe, talk myself off the ledge and maybe just go and take my medication.

Til next time,

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  1. Ness I don't know what to say but I can give lots of virtual hugs and support if that helps?