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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's time for me to make a new ticker for my weightloss. I didn't want the first one to just disappear, so I'm placing it here. It may come up in about 80 days saying it hasn't been updated, but at least I know where it is.

So far, right now, I'm in a little pain. I had a stent put in my stomach to cover the fistula so it can heal. It's my surgeon's latest attempt to fix this dam hole!
This stent is frigging big! I thought it would be just big enough to cover the hole, but NO! I had xrays done of it and it's frigging huge! I know it's the full length of my stomach and possibly even further! I know it comes into my oesophagus, cos I've had to be careful about laying down.
I am now on pain killers and I've got to get back to my surgeon on Friday afternoon. I was there on Monday. The pain is like a cramp. I imagine it's what a contraction feels like. I'm guessing it's the top muscle of my stomach trying to shrink around the stent.
So right now I'm just doped up on painkillers and just taking it easy. This thing is supposed to stay in for 6 weeks! It bloody better work this time!! And this pain had better ease, cos 6 weeks on painkillers is a tad too long!

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