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Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 2c worth!

I've just read a blog of a friend who had the same surgery as me earlier this year. She's going along fine, but apparently it's not good enough for her surgeon.
I was going to write a reply, but it's become so long, I've decided to inflict it on everyone here, rather than her poor blog readers. Lol.

You know my story, the complications I've had have not made my journey the usual one for a sleever.
I have not taken the bull by the horns and exercised my heart out and eaten the healthiest options. I have only just gone back to netball in the last couple of months. Leaving netball was not because of the surgery, it was because I was sick of the bitches on the opposition teams try to umpire, playing rough and generally pissing me off! I was not enjoying it and needed a break. But it did mean I was not really doing any exercise.

Foodwise, I did spend the first couple of months being nil by mouth on and off. It did help the scales a hell of a lot!!

After the first 5 months, I'd lost 40 kilos. But then I had an almost 12 month plateau. It took me that 12 months to lose another 10 kilos.  But you know what? This is a lifelong change. I wasn't gaining, I hadn't blown it all and put it all back on like I did in all my previous weightloss attempts. I will get there.
I am getting positive comments all the time and have even had people not recognise me!! Lol

It's not a perfect journey. I do make valiant attempts to sabotage everything. Chocolate is very easy to eat! All the bad stuff is so appealing! Cheezels are my favourite and very, very easy to eat! But the reality is, I cannot physically eat what I used to. I chose the sleeve because no matter how bad I feel, how much I want to eat my feelings, I can't do it! This change is a huge mental adjustment and some days the adjustment isn't as good as others. It's called being human.

In summary to my friend's blog, I believe the surgeon wants his stats to look good. Making my friend feel bad about her achievements is just not fair. But, having said that, I'm glad she has taken it on as a challenge to shake things up. It can only help her health.

Oh, and Darl, if you read this, I noticed you are eating bread. I don't know about you, but I try to avoid it. It hurts when I eat it cos it expands and I found that when I'm sabotaging and eating it anyway, the scales do not budge a millimetre. In my more lucid and in control moments I feel that it is a low value calorie, when I have such precious little room, it should be saved for the good stuff. But feel free to ignore me, cos your experience is different from mine and you may have no problems with it at all!

I am so impressed when someone makes the decision to have this surgery. It's not one that is taken lightly, but we truly don't know the full impact of our life change until we go through it.
To DBfivegirl, stay strong. I'm proud of you.
Rambling over.
Til next time,


  1. Thanks honey! In fairness to my surgeon my reaction to his comments is probably all out of proportion. Funny that. I do appreciate that he sees the whole gamut and so is talking from undoubted statistical evidence. I guess my head just doesnt like having to focus and be accountable again!:)

    More importantly I'm so sorry re the last glue effort not holding. You poor pup. I can't begin to imagine how frustrating that must be.

    I certainly can't fault my surgeon technically and I'd choose him again in a heartbeat.

    You are looking fantastic btw!!!:)


  2. And I suspect you are right re bread...and most other processed white foods. I've been rather slack about prioritizing protein in my diet I know. Shall attemp to ween myself off Vegemite whole meal toast breakies:(