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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!
I had an awesome night last night with friends at home. We had a few drinks, saw some illegal fireworks and cracked some glow sticks. Amazingly both my girls stayed up til midnight. 5yo was very cute, at 1 in the morning she didn't want to go to bed, claiming she wasn't tired! No, of course she wasn't! They were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.

So, being the 1st of January, I must have a look at my plans for 2012. Weightloss, of course is the first thing.
First some perspective.

I joined in September 2007. I was 150kg. I got serious about losing weight in November, I was 151kg. I loved the program and decided that if this didn't work, then I was looking at surgery. At that point it was a lapband
what can I say? There is nothing nice about this photo.

January 2008- 139.8 Motivation was high, doing well. Heard about the sleeve surgery from another CKer. Thought it was drastic.

Gotta love Hubbies who'll take such flattering photos!

January 2009- 130.7 Still down on previous year, but I had gotten to 123.5kg in June 2008, then hit a psychological barrier. so was feeling incredibly despondant and had lost motivation and seemed to sabotage myself severely. Had spent some time thinking about the sleeve surgery. Researched and talked online with people who had the surgery. Booked an appointment with a surgeon in December 2008

January 2010- 151kg. Plot was lost completely. I was still to gain another 3 kilos to reach my highest weight ever. Considering that my goal was to be at my goal weight by the time my now 6yo started school in Feb 2010, this was just a horrible time in my weightloss progress (or lack thereof). Had spent some time thinking about the sleeve surgery. Researched and talked online with people who had the surgery. Booked an appointment with a surgeon in December 2009

Back up again.

January 2011- 106.7. In April 2010 I completed 3 weeks of Optifast and then had my vertical sleeve gastrectomy at the start of May. I had complications of a leak and spent the next 2 and a half months in and out of hospital and being nil by mouth a lot of that time. a total loss over the year of 47.3kg.

January 2012- 97.8. Spent most of the year with a hole in my stomach, that doesn't seem to want to heal. Had a stent put in in December, hoping that it's solved the problem. Weightloss was incredibly slow for almost a year, only losing a couple of hundred grams a month. This time it was ok, because no matter how bad I felt, I couldn't physically sabotage my weightloss efforts. I will not go back to where I was. So I rode it out and then my body decided to give me a 7kg loss in the last couple of months of the year.

I still have exercise to help me reach my goal. I have 22.8kg to lose to reach it. I haven't done much exercise since my surgery. I did get back to netball until I had my stent put in and I did do some swimming in the brief time that my stomach was healed. I had about 2 months. So there is lots more to go. Hopefully when this stent comes out we'll have found that it's all good and I can get back to a real life, not this limbo.

So, my goals for this year. 

Lose the last 22.8kg and reach my ultimate goal weight. Then have some gorgeous "after" photos taken.

Get a job. My bank balance dictates it. I've loved being home with my girls and wouldn't change a thing, but they're both off to school this year :'-(  So it's time for me to find something for me. Scary when you've spent the last 8 years growing and raising children.

Clean my house...ummm should be a goal for each day, but I just get so overwhelmed at times, I just shut doors and try to avoid it. It's time for my house to be presentable. My girls want to have friends over and I need to have a home they are comfortable bringing people into. Once my boarder goes and I can move the girls around into their own rooms, it will be so much easier to get things in order.

I think that will do for now. I may think of other things, but that can be added to future blogs... Oh, another goal.

To blog everyday. It may be boring waffling, but it's my blog and I'll waffle if I want to.

So that's me all set for 2012. I was going to make a flip comment about the Mayan calendar, but the doomsayers say the world isn't going to end until December 21!! Gees, That's pretty much the whole year. Hope I have everything pretty much done by then!
Although I know someone who's birthday is that day. If the world ends before he gets any presents, he'll be really pissed off!

Til next time,

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  1. Ness you look fantastic!!! So lovely and happy in the pic with Santa!:). I hope you're allowed to leave hospital soon and that there is some positive news regarding the dreaded flipping hole and stent!