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Sunday, April 8, 2012

the dreams I've had so far while on medication in hospital.

Went on some obscure Adam Hills game show, it had frank woodley on it as well as some other acts I didn't know. I got on the stage as the opening song was starting. Everyone kept moving around onto each other's teams, very mad hatter style., my makeup wasn't even done properly and I kept turning the wrong way. Possibly the worst filming ever It was a store in between takes at an airport

Was on Desperate housewives, but it was real! :-)

At Wimbledon making a doubles partnership a sandwich with some special dressing they really liked. Had to tell the other players off to stop them eating it. This was after the umpire had told them off for complaining about not getting any more of it.

our house became a farm after our cow died and then had a wooden face, which we kept. then it became a zoo. The donkey and the dog kept escaping. We had a parade where we were given a new cow. and then had a party afterwards.

These are the ones I remember. I'll write more down as I remember them.

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