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Monday, January 13, 2014

2014. Time to wake up and no longer smell the coffee!!

I either bravely, or stupidly, got on the scales this morning. I know I've been doing nothing to improve things, so I knew the number wouldn't be good. 100.7kg. I am back in triple figures. Denial got me to this point.

I have made a small change. Yesterday I decided to not drink coffee any more. It means I've had a headache for the last two days. But it also has changed how I eat. I found if I drank coffee while eating, I could eat more. It helped me get far more  food in. 4 slices of toast at one sitting is way too much. And I was doing this for breakfast AND supper.

I logged my food today. According to, I've exceeded my daily intake by 664 calories. That should stress me out, but I haven't been logging it, so God knows what I've been exceeding it by lately.

I'm exhausted. I'm guessing the lack of caffeine is doing it. Once I get over the caffeine withdrawal, I will look at doing some exercise. But for now, I'll just sleep and take nurofen. And keep trying to get more water in. Always my downfall.

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