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Friday, November 1, 2013

Change has to be slow or I'll crash and burn...

So, I got on the scales this morning and my weight gain has hit 5kg. Not happy.
I've begun to look at things I can change to improve my health. I have reduced my breakfast from 3 pieces of toast to 2. I was finding I would end up with stomach cramps in the morning. And just because I can eat 3, doesn't mean I should. I am finding I am fine until tea break now.
I have also cut out sugar in my coffee. It's something that Hubby has said I should do for a long time. I am drinking it weak at the moment and it's been good.
So, that's been this week's changes. I am still working on drinking more water, but that's up and down, as usual. I have to get my head around drinking more. I have the problem that I have been told with the smaller stomach that I shouldn't drink within a certain time before or after food. That's great, if I could sip water while I was working, but I'm not allowed. So, I have to take in fluids in my breaks. On that directive, I can eat, or I can drink. So I ignore it and have a bit of both. I used to have my yoghurt and muesli at tea break, but I've moved that to lunch and have a piece of fruit, a cheese and bikkies and as much water as I can at tea break.

My main stumbling block is eating when I'm at home. Whether it's night time, after work or on my days off. I'm eating more than I should. I can graze and that's not a good thing. I know a lot of it is boredom. I will look at that later, but for now I will just keep these changes going and make them stick.

I just feel so yuk! I know I'm not back to where I was, but I look at my stomach (where the weight has gone to) and it's hard not to feel that I've undone it all. My bypass wont let me back to square one, but I'm not feeling too much like a success at the moment.

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