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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here we go... again!!!

Ok, so it all begins. I finished my last cigarette packet on Thursday night. I haven't had one since, although it's been very tempting to buy some more. I've stayed strong and let the craving pass, so far. I don't want to start again, it's generally when I'm with other smokers that I really, really want one. I get into habits, like having one when I'm on the phone, but I can pretty much break them. It's watching others that makes me want one. Must...Stay...Strong!!!
Today my girls had swimming. It's a very weird week because everything goes back to normal this week, except school which isnt' until Friday. So there were lots of kids with no school and lots of kids having swimming lessons.
Anyway, I took the opportunity to do some laps while 4yo was in her lesson. I took it fairly slowly and the 1/2 hour went by fairly quickly, only 3 or 4 checks of the clock. :-) Not bad for the first one back.
I have also stuck to my plan of not buying any more snacks and junk.  It's kicking in now and I feel like I'm detoxing!! I've had 2 pieces of fruit today, and lots of water. I feel drained and headachy. It could also be because the weather is in the 40sC and the aircon is working it's little butt off!!

...Ok as a mum I tend to write my blogs in between calls of "Muuuum, Mum, Mum...!!!" So since I wrote the last bit a cool change has swept through Melbourne. It is now cooler outside than it is inside, so I've opened up all the windows and let the breeze flow through the house. It's lovely!!!
I'm still tired and headachey, but at least I'm not as hot.

So far so good on day 1. I'm sitting down tonight to plan what I'm going to make this week. I tend to make plans and then don't actually make any of it, so we'll see what happens. I'll have my new stove and the sink connected tomorrow, so it will be soooo much easier to prepare food in the kitchen. Just got to wait on the oven to be connected and I'm set. I'll have a functioning kitchen. :-) Yay!! Just gotta have a fully functioning plan.

Til next time,


  1. Well done on giving up the smokes! I feel like I am detoxing from junk food as well, not pleasant - but we will both feel great in a week or so - yu just watch!

  2. Well done Ness with the Ciggies .. I stopped smokeing 15 years or more ago and Like any addiction it is not easy ..but it can be done ..and you are doing all the right things and Kylie is right you both will feel heaps better in a few weeks .. I think it only took a couple of weeks and I was all good and that was with People around me still smokeing so you Go Girl . and Well done with the Laps clap clap clap