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Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's been a pretty average week. I am still feeling a little lost. The girls are at school all day and I constantly feel like I should be doing something, but don't know what. I've got an appointment next week to go to Tafe and reenrol to finish my certificate in administration. I started doing it long before I had the girls, but decided it's time to do something! I'll finish this and see where to go from there. I know I need to do more courses and try and find something to do with my time that will bring some money into the house. And that I might actually enjoy and not get bored with in 6 months.

I have my appointment at the hospital on Wednesday. hopefully I'll get my surgery date that day, then that chapter can close and I can get on with my life.

I decided to track my calories today. It's amazing, even with a sleeve, I have been able to eat twice my daily calorie allowance of 1550. On a positive note, I've had the right amount of protein for the day.
I know I have to cut down what I eat. However there is a part of me that knows that once I have the bypass, I'm going to be restricted further in what I can eat, so why not have a mini food funeral for the chocolate I wont be able to have afterwards! I've said goodbye to so much. Anything with bread or batter, which is almost all junk food! Excess sugar is going to cause dumping syndrome, so I'll be eating healthy enough soon.

That's how exciting my life is at the moment. I really need to get a life! In a couple of months I'll be able to. *sigh*

Til next time,

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  1. Hey there:). Stopped overthinking things yet? I'm teasing. We all do it. I hope things have resolved with your friend. Once you get the surgery out of the way and get back into some study or work or something you'll be less concerned for what others may or may not think. Sometimes I think that's the best thing about working full time - I don't have time to worry much about anything beyond work and I take medication to stop me worrying to much about work. It's fabulous! Without it I tend not to sleep because I end up stressing over every little thing - it's horrible.

    Wow to 1550 cals. I can imagine I could do that if I snacked on chocolate throughout the day but for aynthing other than that I'm fortunately still in position of feeling too full after a few mouthfuls to do much damage. Though the hiatas hernia repair could have something to do with that. But generally I don't crave sweet foods much these days which is something I guess.

    Got a day for your surgery yet? Sounds like it will be yet a further adjustment in terms of diet. Think I've been pretty lucky as I've not have to give up any particular foods as such, just can't pack away much of them any longer.

    Fingers crossed for the surgery date and the eventual surgery. Hope it's not far away now. I often think of you and wonder how you're going.