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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ok, day one, so far. It's 5:20pm and I've hung one load of washing out and put another one on. I also put the dishwasher on, but had to rewash the dishes because an egg shell blocked the drain and everything was still dirty.

I haven't done my 15 minutes yet. I plan to do that when the kids go to sleep. Although 2yo is having a late nap and may not go to sleep til late tonight.
It was so cute, we were lying on my bed watching TV. One seconds she was looking at me with her gorgeous hazel colored eyes, the next she was asleep!! I don't have the heart to wake her.

So I'm 2/3rds of the way there and on track to get the next job done! I'm even making dinner right now!

8:39pm. Oops, I forgot to publish post!! I still haven't done my 15 minutes. I've been feeling sick all afternoon. Back to having the runs again. I am so over this.
I was right, 2yo is keeping 4yo awake.
I will set the timer now. I think it's time to attack the dining table. I might be able to sort my scrapbooking out then.

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  1. are you going to see a doc? this has been going on awhile now ....