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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 2, again...

I've tracked my calories over the last two days. Yesterday was 2704. According to Calorie King I'm supposed to be on 1450. So that's nearly double. When I was at my highest weight, I could put away 4000 calories no problem! A KFC meal for me would have been my current calorie requirements! Nothing to be proud of, just remembering where I was. Last time I was on Calorie King, my calories were supposed to be 2000.

But anyway, I have been making an effort to increase my fruit and veggies. Yesterday and today I've had a banana and an orange. More fruit than I've eaten for a while. Tonight we had a chicken wrap for tea. My main problem is having too much of a good thing. I'm not stopping when I should. I felt very full after dinner, but these days that feeling doesn't last too long. That annoys me. When I had my sleeve it was a lot easier to stop.
I'm still snacking in the evenings. Today's calories were 2199. An improvement on yesterday. And I've managed 3 glasses of water again. Two whole days of consistency. :-)

The main thing is the head hunger. I'm not supposed to feel hunger anymore. The ghrelin hormone has been removed from my stomach, but I feel empty and want to eat.

Protein is meant to be my focus. Maybe an egg on toast instead of cereal for breakfast tomorrow.

I do have a question, though. If my bypass is designed to reduce the calories I absorb, how many calories am I supposed to have? Maybe 1450 is going to be too low as I'm not absorbing them all. I'll aim to reduce down to this for now, but if I'm trying to gnaw my own arm off from "hunger", or I'm feeling weak, grumpy or even dizzy, I'll increase it. Guess I've got to get to it first!

For one of the first times I have just planned my food for the day. Depressing! I've got 88 calories left without even including snacks! I'll have to tweak quantities and what I'm putting into my meals. I was shocked that 30g of flour has 107 calories! Almost as much as the 100g of lambs fry I'm  planning on having. Hmmm... don't think that 100g of lambs fry will get covered in that much flour! I need a bit more practice in counting my calories. I haven't done it for over 2 years. Who am I kidding, I haven't really done it for about 4 years! But right now I'm doing it. I've got to start somewhere!

Til next time,

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