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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Just a little report on my day foodwise.

Calories today were 2152. Another drop from yesterday of a whole 47 calories. :-)

However, today I focused on getting lots of protein in. I exceeded the level of protein recommended for me. I also felt a lot fuller today. I wasn't feeling the emptiness as often. I'll keep tweaking. I made a batch of lemon butter tonight (not for me, don't like the stuff)  that needed just yolks, so I'll be having an egg white scram for breakfast tomorrow.
The planning did help too. Often I'll look at what I've planned and say "I don't want that", but today I really enjoyed my menu. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, chicken and salad wrap for lunch and lambs fry and bacon for dinner. If I just hadn't made a silverside and cheese sandwich at 11pm, I wouldn't have blown my calories so far out. (Apparently the lettuce made it healthy!)  Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

I need to go and drink another glass of water. I may not be moving forward with drinking water, but I'm sure as shit not going backwards, at least not today. 3 glasses again today.

Scintillating entry, but needed to get it down to keep me a little accountable for my food.

Til next time,

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