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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I am absolutely devastated today. The Scrapbooking shop I have been going to every second Friday night had a sale today. 50% off everything. It was supposed to be a moving sale, but they've been mucked around by the real estate agent and decided to close instead!! No more crop nights!! I used to call in there on a Wednesday as I was walking back to kinder. They are still going to be on the internet, but it's just not the same. I loved my Friday nights. Being able scraplift everyone's ideas, borrow equipment that I'd either only ever use once or try before I decided to buy my own. We'd have the whole shop to ourselves with all it's stock to help inspire us. There were nights when very little scrapbooking was done and lots of talking and laughing!! It's not fair.
I spent a smidge under $300 in there!! Shhh... don't tell Ken!!

Ken said I need to find something else to do on a Friday night. I don't know what. It was my one night on my own, without 5the kids, that didn't involve the gym. They did say they were going to try to organise a monthly crop night, so we'll see what happens once they relaunch their website.

So what to do instead?? I'll have to think about that one!!

It's not worth talking about food today. I didn't anticipate being at artypants for over 2 hours, so I was starving when I got home. Bad choices. I'll be filling in the "pink" diary. (That's the one I was talking about yesterday!

Exercisewise, I got to the gym today, so I'm happy with that. It wasn't too hard to get my workout done, although I only did 15 minutes on the treadmill instead of 30. I expected to be absolutely dying today, but I even got the bike done fairly easily!

Well, as usual, I'm exhausted, so I'm off to strangle my 2yo for pouring fridge magnets all over the dining room floor, then we are both off to bed!

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  1. Bummer about the shop closing. I used to go to crop nights and they were awesome. I hope you find something else to fill your Friday nights.