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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Today was housework day!! I hadn't planned it, but I decided that I wanted to get all my washing done and it rolled on from there. Ken took 3 loads to the laundromat so that we could get it out on the line in time. Unfortunately, I've had to rewash some of it because there was still washing powder on them. Next time I'll be more patient and just use my reliable front loader.
Anyway, the washing got done, I tidied the girls room and 3yo and Ken vacuumed, I locked the dogs outside (their beds are in the laundry) and swept all that out.

I got tired after lunch and had a snooze!! Yay. When I got up, Ken has swept the floor in the kitchen and dining room! Isn't he a sweetie?

We went to Frankston today. On the news last night they were showing sand sculptures made into dinosaurs. We decided to check it out. The way they were talking we thought they were on the beach, but it was an enclosed area. Makes sense, the security to stop idiots trashing it would have been huge! They also made it sound like it was beach sand. There was definitely red clay in that sand!! Not to take away from the amazing sites we saw, but the news did stretch the truth a little!! Shock horror, they've never done that before!! :-p
The girls seemed to like the exhibition. I let 3yo use my camera and take photos of whatever she liked. She's becoming quite a good little photographer, once I told her not to chop people's heads off! :-) I took probably half a dozen of the 60 odd photos that were taken, so most of the ones on here are hers.

One of the sculptors putting the finishing touches on a wall of dinosaurs! It was a piece of art!
I was amazed at the detail of the sculptures. The weeks of work that went into building it shows in the detail.

We were going to stay til it got dark, but the girls were getting tired. We went across a bridge that 3yo called the "Sydney Harbour Bridge" and she got quite upset when I said we weren't going to make our own sandcastles. It was lovely there though and I promised her we would go back and make sandcastles and have lunch and play in the playground. It was just too late and Ken and I were getting hungry. We'd fed the girls earlier as we didn't get there til after 7pm and they normally eat at 5:30, so it was happy meals for them on the way.

Ok, the photos you can now see are taking forever to upload. Our broadband has been throttled, so while it's faster than dial up, it's sooooooooooooo slow compared to our usual speed.

Wow, it's 10 to 11 already!! We didn't get home til 9, then I had to get the girls to bed while Ken went and got dinner. I wanted fish and chips, but the only decent shop in Cranbourne was closed, so he went and got KFC. Another bad decision. I had way too much. I don't normally have pieces because I have too much, but tonight I did. Self destructive behaviour.

I need sleep!! I've got to stop staying up so late, then I wont doze off in the afternoon!!

Oh, come on photos!! I want to go to bed!! Why are we waaaaaiiiiting, why are we waitiinng...

*twiddles thumbs* I can't wait for the 1st of the month and we get our download back!! I can't complain too loudly, I downloaded a fair bit this month, I'm lucky I didnt' get throttled sooner!!
... woohoo, all done!! I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos. We had a good night.

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  1. That is a surpise ness, you had KFC, who suggested that :) :)

    It does look amazing I think will go down and have a look.