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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ok, well I am now officially on holidays, for what that's worth. We had the last swimming lesson this afternoon, which I forgot to take the teacher her Christmas present. I'll drop it in over the next few days. I forgot the Monday teacher's present too. I really have to get more organised for swimming, don't I?

But now I am free for 6 weeks!! Woohoo!! It's not really free, I just don't HAVE to go anywhere. I don't get to sleep in, but I can put a TV show on in the bedroom in the mornings and the girls and I get to relax and not rush. I love it.

Ken's taken the little ones out to go and see Christmas lights. I personally couldn't think of anything more boring. I appreciate a nice set up when I go past one, but to actively go out and seek them, Pass!! He's going with one mate tonight and another mate tomorrow night!! Madness!!
It was very cute this afternoon, though. He'd told 3yo that she had to have a nap so that she could go out tonight. She never does that for me, but for some reason Ken has a magic touch. I went grocery shopping, my usual Saturday afternoon activity, and left him to it. It was so cute to see 3yo propped up on the pillows asleep with the TV on. She slept for a good 3 hours!!

So, what did I do with my free, childless time tonight? Did I curl up with a DVD and a glass of wine? Nope!! Read a good book? Wrong again!! I sorted my chest of drawers!! Then I sorted the girl's chest of drawers. And to finish it off, I picked up all the toys and other assorted crap in the loungeroom. Oh and put a load of washing on for good measure. My house is party central on a Saturday night!! I have really enjoyed it though, getting things done without worrying about not making any noise, or not being able to put things away in the girls room cos they're asleep. I felt really motivated tonight.

I now have to wash a container of playdough toys!! Woohoo!! I can hardly contain my excitement!!

Tomorrow we have a birthday party to go to. Mcdonalds, for the 4th time in 2 months. I am not going to have any of the kids birthdays there. It's sooooo boring! Well if you don't know any of the other parents, it is! I'll be right tomorrow, I'll know 3 of them!
With the number of parties 3yo will go to over the year, one away from Maccas will probably please the parents anyway. There are only so many happy meal toys a child needs!!
3yo's birthday is at the start of the school year, so her invitations will set her up for the rest of the year. I remember the one party I had when I was at school had me invited to all their parties for the rest of the year! (1 party in 7 years!! Very sad, I know! Times have changed, that's for sure!)

I don't want to talk weightloss today, just have a look at yesterdays report, same old, same old.

I think I'll have a look at my photos now. I need to organise them on my computer, then back them up in case of a computer crash. I lost a heap on my phone a couple of years ago, including a video of one of 3yo's first attempts at walking. I wasn't happy and I don't want that to happen again!!

It's 11pm. I hope the girls aren't too exhausted by now!!

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  1. How can you not love Xmas Lights Ness? That's what Ross & I did last night as well! :o) I hope Ken and the girls had a good night. Your evening sounds productive. Now if your fre tonight I have a house that needs a big clean up too... :o)