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Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's 1am. I am exhausted. I went scrapbooking tonight. I go to Artypants in Cranbourne. I bought the monthly pack that the shop sells. It's the first time I've bought one. I needed inspiration.

It was a blast. I got 3 pages done and had heaps left over. I need the right photos to use some of the darker pages. There is a black velvet textured page that I really want to use.
There is no crop nights until the 20th January. :-( I only go fortnightly and I'd missed the last 2 sessions through jetsetting and babysitting :-). I was disappointed when I saw that they are closed for so long, but I'm happy for them, they are moving shops and need the time to get the new store set up. They are also relaunching their website, so it's all very exciting for them for 2009.

I've had a long day. The girls woke up at 6am. 3yo was scratching her head madly. So I was up and treating her hair this morning. It shits me that people don't treat their kids hair. I check the girls hair regularly and treat at the first sign of bugs or scratching. Then I treat and comb again after 3 days. It's not rocket science. I don't get how people can let their kids scratch like 3yo was today. And she didn't have that many. I'd already treated her this week.

Anyway, enough about bugs.

We had the playgroup Christmas party this morning. It went really well. The kids had fun and the parents seemed really happy with it. The kids loved their presents. Santa visited too.

I spent the afternoon playing the memory game that 3yo got from Santa.

so that's my day. No planned exercise. Food once again not worth talking about. 2yo has her swimming lesson tomorrow and that's it, I'm on holidays. Well, the girls are on holidays, I don't ever get holidays. Not that I'm really complaining, well, maybe just a little bit. To be able to sleep through things the way hubby does would be nice. For Hubby to get up to the girls when they are trying to get into our bed instead of just commanding them back to their beds would be nice too.

I'm waffling now. I need to go to bed.

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