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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just finished season 4. OMG!! I hadn't seen all of them. I have kids now, so don't get to watch my favourite shows, or have the memory to record them.

I have only one season to go. :-)

I have only 9 days til I start Optifast. I only have 3 weeks of optifast. hehehe, I say "only", but I'll be bitching and whinging for a lot of it.

My life is so exciting right now. I spent yesterday recovering from Easter Sunday. Lots of chocolate in the house. But not as much as last year. The girls got less from us, and they got a little bit from a few people. As it was 3yo was not feeling well Sunday night.

Today is another day of not much. Slept the morning away in the recliner.

Wow, this is a blog worth bookmarking today. :-) But at least it's written. Even if it is boring.

Til next time,

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