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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today is Easter Saturday. We have left the hot cross bun domain and are entering the day of chocolate. This is the last Easter I will be pigging out on Chocolate. This time next year I will have had my tiny tummy for almost a year. The last few weeks have been time to say goodbye to my old habits.

I know it's not healthy. I went to a buffet on Thursday. It was interesting. This particular place has an absolutely brilliant dessert bar. So I go easy on the mains and crazy on the dessert. Whereas other places I'll go mad on the mains and eat the dessert just cos it's there. There is no logic to my mind when it comes to food.

But anyway, I start Optifast on the 15th of April, so I am now winding down my goodbyes to junk food. We're off to a restaurant on Wednesday, then I have a chocolate High tea on the 11th...

...oh jees, what am I doing? I haven't been out this much in ages!!!

I know I'll be able to have the "evil" foods after the surgery. It's just that I am rather obsessive and when it comes to chocolate, it's just best that we avoid each other. So it's time to say "so long". At least after the 11th. :-P

The one thing that I didn't want to have happen did last week, a kid at school turned to my daughter and said "your mum's fat". I was going to be at goal weight by the time she started school. She wasn't going to go through this. Now the word "fat" is a bad word and I don't know how to deal with it. It's term one in prep, she shouldn't have to go through all this already.

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