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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I had the crappiest morning this morning.

4yo decided to not wake up until 10 past 8. Now I could have woken her, but every other flipping morning she wakes up around 7-7:30. the day I have to get her out the door by 8:25, she sleeps in!! It wasn't the end of the world, but I never seem to get her to kinder on time!!

So, she gets dropped off, an hour late. I need Gas for my car, plenty of time before netball. Leaving the servo, do I go left and get to netball really early, or do I go right and look for the jar I need for the Easter fundraiser for kinder? I go to turn right, but there is heaps of traffic. Ok, left. The car starts shuddering. Very weird. I lean forward to flick the car back onto petrol but before I get there, there is "BANG" under the bonnet. A very familiar sound to me. I've blown the air hose.

I roll to a stop and decide that we'll walk to netball and deal with the car later. It's off the road, it's safe. God knows how long the RACV would take.

Half way to the netball centre, I realise that I've left the netball bag at home, with the book with everyone's details, the spare tops and bibs!! AAAAHHHH!! How bad do I feel? The captain drove to my house especially to drop it off and I leave it behind!! And now I have no car to go home and get it!!

Ok, so I have to get everyone's court fees before the game. We borrow some bibs from the centre. It all worked out. And we won by 2 goals, so that was a bonus too!!

In all that, I was given the most wonderful support today. I had offers from people to take us home, one of the kinder mums plays in another team and came to offer to take us to pick up 4yo. I had already called another kinder mum up and asked for her help, but it was lovely to be offered.

I called RACV and 2yo and I walked back to the car and waited. She was really, really good. She did have a packet of smarties to keep her entertained for part of it, but still, she was fantastic.

While I was waiting a playgroup mum saw my car and called me to see if I was ok and if we needed any help. A lady who lived across the road from where I was parked offered her phone if we needed it. A guy pulled up and asked if we were ok.

The RACV guy arrived, used packing tape to hold my airhose together til I got home and made sure the car ran again. I headed straight home and stayed there all afternoon!

Despite the fact my car broke down AGAIN, this really made me feel that I live in a fantastic community. If someone needs help, there is always someone there.

I am truly blessed.


  1. Firstly you wrote this an hour after your curfew, naughty girl.
    I am glad you got so much help yesterday, I hope your car gets better.

    Have a nice Friday

  2. Ness, much to most people's surprise, there are alot of good people out there :) Glad you live near a bunch of them :)