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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This is my blog and I'll TMI if I want to!!

Ok, I made a big mistake on Monday night. I took laxatives. The bottle said take 1-2 tablets, so I stupidly took 2.

I was feeling really bloated and yuk on the weekend. I thought maybe I needed some help. Well, I certainly feel drained now!!

I didn't get to boxing on Monday night. I felt sick. Luckily Ken came home early from work and picked me up from the mechanic Monday morning, so we didn't have to go on an "adventure" of catching a bus, then a train, then either another bus or a cab to get home again. I didn't even get in the pool Monday morning and I love getting in the water.

I still played netball on Tuesday morning. I was hoping to only play part of a game, but one of the girls rolled her ankle so we didn't have any spare players left. I don't have any phone numbers, so I'll have to try and find out how she is.
I actually felt pretty good after the game. But I went back to "normal" in the afternoon.
Tuesday night I didn't get to Pump. I definitely wasn't getting in the water for aqua, how embarrassing would it be to have to get out of the pool to go to the toilet?

So far I am 1:4 for getting to classes. I hate feeling sick. This feels quite self inflicted.

My car is at the mechanics. It turns out I damaged something in the air flow system when it backfired. That explains it running like a bag of shit. An airconditioning hose split, that explains why the airconditioning stopped working. And they are replacing the passenger side door lock, cos a spring broke in it!! It's not going to be a cheap exercise. I am contemplating selling it. I have never had to spend so much money to keep a car running. It's ridiculous!! I don't care that the stupid thing is 24 years old and I only spent about $750 to buy it!!

Ok, I'll stop whingeing now, but I still think it's time to upgrade!! I have time, at least I should bloody well have time, This should be the last I have to spend on it for a while. I'm going to fish out my receipts to see how much this car has actually cost me!! Maybe not, it's too scary!!

Luckily one of my friends took 4yo to kinder for me this morning, and Ken's going to pick her up this afternoon. I hope I get my car back today, or I'm going to have fun getting 4yo to kinder tomorrow morning!! And don't ask about playgroup Friday, cos the other organiser is going to be late too!!


I just want to stop shitting through the eye of a needle!! My bum hurts!! :-(

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