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Friday, February 20, 2009

Well, today was a better day than yesterday morning. My car started and didn't blow up, so that's always a good sign!

We had playgroup. We made biscuits. The mix was way too sticky, so the kids had to get heaps of extra flour into it. But it all worked out and all the kids got to cut out biscuits and then decorate them when they were cooked.

I got home to find Ken home. His back is getting worse. but not bad enough to miss out on his date night!!

Dstepd was home "sick" too. I didn't even ask her what was happening. I just couldn't be bothered. I knew she was awake, so if she wasn't going, I wasn't fighting her.
I thought I'd have a fight over her social group tonight, but if she's not well enough to go to her day program, she's not well enough to go out tonight. (Pity her father didn't have the same rules!!)

I thought having both of them home would be hell, but it wasn't . Dstepd stayed in bed all day (as per the rules of her being home sick. I make is as unappealing as possible to stay home, so in theory, she's really sick if she does.) Ken slept half the afternoon and then went out. It's now like a normal Friday night.

I'm going to turn the timezapper off now. I've discovered my hard drive on the DVD is full, so I'd better go and watch some shows to make room!!

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  1. {{hugs}} Ness ... hope you were in bed by 9.30pm :)