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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day two of the 100 pound challenge!!

I got in the pool today!! Woohoo!! I have missed the water so much!! We went in early and had a play and I swam and stretched and generally enjoyed being in the water while 4yo had her lesson.
I was a little disappointed, cos my size 22 bathers didn't fit, I had to wear my size 24 ones. But as they are Speedos, I figure their sizing is as wrong as the netball skirt manufacturers!! (I can now put my size 26 skirt on comfortably. An example of why numbers shouldn't determine your mood!)

I bit the bullet!! I removed all bar one Facebook game!! I kept Packrat, mainly for sentimental reasons, I've been playing it on and off for over 2 years!! I was going to leave some on to help out my friends, but I'm hopeless, I'll do that for a while and then I'll just start playing again. So they have to go.
I have to be careful, though. I've stopped playing games and started reading blogs!! Don't want one obsession to replace another!

5yo has been nagging me to go to the "bikkie" shop. At our local shops has the Terlada bakery which makes the yummiest shortbread bikkies. We buy the seconds, which are mostly just the wrong size, occasionally a little too caramelised, but always very yummy.
I had a billy tea and lime flavour OMG, so good. It's been so long since I had one, I'd forgotten how good these biscuits are...until I put the details into the computer. I don't have the exact nutritional information, so I used the generic "shortbread" details. 250 CALORIES!! Just as well I'd gone swimming this morning!! :-)

So far so good on the food front. I had porridge for breakfast, then lamb curry and mashed potato for lunch (it was more a tomato casserole that a curry) Calories are cruising along. if I could just find my water bottle, I wouldn't have an excuse for not having drunk any water!!

Need to plan for tonight so I don't sit there eating! Let's see what's for dinner...

Til next time,


  1. hi ness :)

    you're doing really great.. i envy you going in the water though, can't wait to do that myself


  2. well done on getting to the pool .. that is my next quest to get back to Aqua