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Monday, October 25, 2010

Today, exercise was good. I got up this morning and took the dog for a walk. I went 10 pin bowling (I regard that as a bit of resistance training), then after dropping 4yo off at Kinder, I walked to the shops, then had to walk back again!! I was tired when I got home from picking up 5yo from school.

Food was another matter. I started the day well, I took my snack for morning tea and was going along fine, until I got home from school. I seem to leave it way too long from lunchtime until after school pickup, then I eat!! Afternoon/evenings are where it all goes pear shaped!! the next thing I have to look at is meal planning.
I hate afternoons. I feel so tired and can't be bothered cooking dinner. Why should I when I make what I think is a delicious, nutritious dinner and the kids turn their noses up and tell me they want cocktail franks or a peanut butter sandwich? I tell them eat it or go without, but it still frustrates the shit out of me that they wont even try something new!! Not everything I try works, but most things do.

I drank more water today than yesterday too. I gotta keep looking at the good things I've done today or I'll give up tomorrow. Turn the positive switch on!!

I drew a big "106" and got the girls to color it in. It's up on my wardrobe door to get me out of bed in the morning. I weighed in this morning and, unfortunately, I've got a little extra to lose. just under 5kg. Still an achievable goal. Hopefully the extra 1.5kg is fluid and I can drink it away. :-)

Facebook is another issue I need to deal with. I am spending waaaaayyyy too much time on it. To the detriment of sleep. And time with my girls. But I don't know if I'm ready to give up the games yet.
I am very sad. I have cut down, so I'm not playing as many games, but they are becoming more and more intensive, so much you can do on one application. 
Time to really think about just keeping my "real" friends on there and letting the gaming friends go. And letting the games go. eventually.

Til next time,

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  1. Ness you are doing really well. I agree about the facebook Games. I allow myself to play with them when I get to work while i am eating breakfast and on my lunch break. That is it. No more sitting up at night waiting for crops top grow or dishes to cook. If I can't get to it in time it dies or goes off. Who cares. It's just a game.

    If you can't do that, block the whole game. Then you can't get into it....

    Good luck.