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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake up call!!!

So, yesterday I decided I would keep track of what I ate all day. According to Calorie King, I should be eating 1720 calories. I'll take that, cos I've been using 2000 calories as what I was "supposed" to be having for a long time. As soon as I started trying to drop the number, I would start feeling deprived and sabotage myself.

The scales have slowed on there downwards trend, I need to assess what I'm doing so I can change things and get them moving. I only have 10 kilos before I hit my first major goal of double figures!!

Things are different now, I can't eat what I used to, or can I??

So, I start with a slice of raisin toast. The old me could eat a whole loaf of this stuff in one day. 1 slice now is plenty.

Morning tea was shaved ham and Philly on cruskits.

I made a roast pork for lunch. I was supposed to do this on Thursday night, but it was still frozen. It was the best pork I'd ever cooked!! It was tender and yummy and I picked at it almost all afternoon.
The roast veggies weren't as good, but my neighbour called in and threw out my timing. Which is possibly why the meat was so good. Normally I am impatient and am cutting the cooked meat from the edges and throwing the rest back in the oven while we eat.

We also had a couple of chocolate blinky bills in the afternoon.

So, when I added all this up, I'd reached 1420 calories! This was the point where I'd stopped recording. I only had a couple of hundred calories left and I always eat more at night. Once the kids go to bed and I can have something in peace without being interrupted!

I had a bowl of icecream when the kids were in bed and some cheese and bikkies (le snacks) when I was in bed.

When I got up this morning and thought about what I had eaten, I was sure I'd been a complete pig and God knows how much I'd eaten. I was going to stretch my stomach back to what it was and all the surgery and time in hospital would be for nothing!! no wonder I wasn't losing anything!!

As I started writing this blog I decided to get some perspective and record everything else I'd eaten last night.

The total for the day? 2088 calories. More than I need, but nothing on what my old self could put away.

And looking at it, not a drop of plain water passed my lips yesterday. There was coffee, juice and milk, but no water. My logic of this is that if I drink, I can't eat. It causes pain in my stomach. As I have now proven that I am eating more than enough, I can release this logic and work on my water. Maybe 1 litre, (4 glasses) over the day? I can work my way up to 2 litres.

I am also weighing everything so I can get an accurate picture. I'm not worrying about what it is (I need to go grocery shopping) , that can be the next step.

An enlightening Sunday. Bring on the week!! It will be interesting to see what the total calories are for today. I'm half way to my water goal already and it's not even lunchtime!!

til next time,

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  1. Ness I am shocked ..I thought a sleeve stops you being able to take in 2000 cals in a day ..but maybe with the water you will be able to cut it back that may fill you up a bit also some days I do not make 1200 cals Ck says 1345 for me but I am a shorty Dietitian says 1200 so that is waht I aim for .. some days I do go over but on the hole come out AOK by the end of the week .