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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ok, I am having a weird morning in Blog world. I decided to catch up on a couple of blogs that I like to read.

The first one was "" She spoke about her spacial awareness and how getting through shop aisles and the space between say a table and a chair is so hard to judge. Before she was bumping into everything and not realising how far out the bum or hips stick out. Now she looks at how little the car door can open in the car park and surprises herself by still being able to get out! (Hopefully I was paraphrasing and not plagiarising her blog. Apologies for any non accredited quotes)
I totally related to her blog. Those things have happened to me!! I have also started buying new clothes, since the old ones are pretty much falling off me. I had to get 2 sizes smaller than I thought. It's good to know that my lack of "body awareness" isn't just my own quirk.

So then I have a look at otherwise known as "Jack sh*t getting fit". yesterday's entry was some cute limericks, but the day before was talking about putting before and after shots on your blog. Getting out of your comfort zone and showing the world how far you'd come. I don't know how clothed they thought you should be, I guess that's up to the individual.
I have a before and an "after 40kg" shot that have me in my bathers. I have been reluctant to put them up, working out the best place for them, to have the least ridicule. Thanks to Jack, I am going to be brave and post them on here once I publish this. It's 11:42am on Thursday here, and it may take me a while to figure it out (just getting the hyperlinks on here was fun!! ) But I am putting myself out there!!

Wish me luck!!

Til next time,

Edit:- Ok, I give up, I wanted it to be impressive like Escape from Obesity's, where she has links
to her progress shots, but I don't know how to do it, so here they are. try not to laugh or dry wretch too loudly!!:-

Front view...

Side view


  1. Ness I look forward to seeing your before and after shots have done so well and have been through so much to get this far and I am so proud of you go Girl

  2. Ness ..Wow Wow Wow !!!!!!! OMG what a diffrence you are looking great ( Wolf Whistle)