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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm off to a buffet dinner tonight. It's the first time since I got my smaller tummy.
It's for a friend's birthday, so I want to go, but I am so bad at self control.
I've been there before, so I know roughly what I can have. I'm thinking I could just skip the mains and have some dessert. :-) They have a fantastic dessert bar!!

I just have to remember, small serves and eat slow. We'll be there for a couple of hours. If I pace myself, I'll be fine.
I will pace myself and be fine.

the wierdest thing. My drainage tube site hasn't been healing. Turns out there was a staple in there! It came out on Wednesday night and now it's healing!! Yay!! But why didn't it show up on the many scans I had?? Strange.
But fingers crossed, again, this is it and I wont have to worry about leaking any more!!!!!

Apparently John Lennon would have been 70 today. It's sad the people who are taken from this world too soon. I saw a doco on Nirvana last night. Imagine Kurt Cobain and John Lennon doing a song together, it would have been amazing!!

Til next time,

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