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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I did it!! I had a really good night, both company wise and food wise!!

I had 1 plates with a bit of my favourite seafood and pasta salad (took out the pasta) 1 piece of salt and pepper squid (OMG, soooooo good!) and a mini dim sim that I just ate the guts of.

Dessert was coconut sorbet (new since I was there last, yummmmmmy!!) and I went and got the silliest looking baby servings of chocolate mousse, sticky date pudding and chocolate pudding and a little whipped cream. I took my time and enjoyed every mouthful!

Through out this dining experience I had a glass of my favourite type of wine, moscato.

I may not have got my money's worth foodwise (hubby's comment on the way home), but I enjoyed it all the same.

Another step in my new life.

til next time,

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  1. yeahhhhhh Go Ness That was a Banquet so glad you enjoyed it