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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The hundred pound challenge. Day 7

I have been flat out the last couple of days. Friday I was up at 6:45. thanks to my darling 5yo. So I took the time to make the birthday cake for Saturday. We had playgroup and canteen duty. 5yo had swimming at school, 4yo was dragged along with me to canteen, so we were all stuffed by the end of the day. We picked up Haylee early from the youth centre and she caught a taxi to youth group just so the little ones didn't have to go out in the car again. I also spent the evening getting potato salad made, decorating the cake and trying to get the house presentable for guests.

Saturday we went to the dentist first thing. Haylee had been complaining about her wisdom teeth. She also needed a filling. We were all due to go anyway, I like taking the little ones so they have a positive experience there, not just take them when there is something wrong. It doesn't cost us anything for them, so it's all good.
Me, on the other hand, have to get my teeth cleaned. My teeth are so sensitive, I hate it. Yesterday they had to numb my bottom gum to be able to do it, and it still hurt!!
So I went straight from the dentist to work. Had a fantastic, easy time there, and then came home and had a fantastic day with my family and friends for 4yo's birthday.

It was interesting yesterday. It was the first party I'd had since my surgery. I didn't overeat, I had overcatered for lunch, but some of the guests stayed for dinner, so I had enough for that and didn't have much leftover.
It was the first time, after a party, that I didn't feel bloated and full and like I'd overeaten. Normally it's one of my excuses to go crazy. I did have a cheese platter out that I really enjoyed (and got the blue cheese all to myself :-) ) but even then I didn't go overboard. I was tidying up at the end of the night and actually felt my tummy grumble!!
Don't know what the calories would have been, with me enjoying that cheese, but yesterday morning I was back down to 109.4kg. Don't know what the official number will be on Monday!! Guess we'll wait and see. :-)

It's nice to be able to spend this morning relaxing. I have to go to work this afternoon, but it's lovely to not have to plan and rush and worry that I've forgotten anything. I love having parties for my girls, I wouldn't do it otherwise, but they do tire me out!!

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  1. Ness... Well done on geting through the Party and Day with out feeling bloated that is great I had a binge last night so will be not going overboard today .

  2. woohoo Ness, sounds like a great day and you coped beautifully :)