My Progress

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ok, last night I was rather miserable. Not in a jump off a building way, but I had a few really busy days and yesterday was my 3yo's birthday party with her friends. Last night I was exhausted!! My back was out, all my muscles ached.
I couldn't help thinking "Bloody hell!! I've lost 42kg and things still haven't changed"!!

Ok, so taking into account, I'd worked before the party, so hadn't stopped ALL day, plus the fact I hadn't been taking my medication that helps my fibromyalgia, plus I was running after children ALL day, no wonder I was tired and sore.  When I went to bed, I stretched and cracked my back to ease the pain. It's so nice to feel it go back into place.

This morning, I got up and my back was fine and the only things that were sore were my feet, which was only a little bit and eased once they warmed up. So my findings are that 42kg, while not curing everything in the whole world, does help recovery to be quicker. I was worried that I couldn't work today, but I'll be fine.

Now, another interesting thing, Escape from Obesity has lost 100 pounds!! That is a fantastic effort, terrific job and I can't wait to see her photos cos she's got "skinny" jeans (my term not hers, she sounds very happy!! )

I decided to see how many pounds I've lost now. So easy to do, Google "Pounds kilos" and a huge list of pages with converters come up. :-)

So, I have now lost 42.1kg, which converts to 92.8 pounds!!
so I have 7.2 pounds to lose to reach 100 pounds which is 3.2kg!!

So I want my scales to hit 106.1kg!! I converted that to pounds, but it's not a pretty number, so we'll leave it at that. :-)

Time to get this body moving!!


  1. Ness I too have found that we still get pain but we do recover much more quickly .. I started today with really putting a huge effort into Exercise ..The Weather is heating up and it would be Oh so Good to not have this 96 kgs to lug arround so started today with a 121 min walk burned 480 cals and plan on walking 60 min One day 120 mins alternate days and yep my feef will be sore but I will just suck it up .. would love to get to the Pool also Good luck with the exercise it is adictive (SP) love those good feeling Dolphins lol

  2. You are doing so well, Berys. You are in double figures and have a fantastic routine.
    Hoping the happy dolphins will kick in and I can *cough cough* enjoy exercise!! :-) Don't know about that, but if it's part of my routine, I have less excuse for missing it!!