My Progress

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Each day I sit down at my computer and open my blog. I want to start writing, but my mind is blank. My whole day goes out of my head. Any pearls of wisdom or witty anecdotes that I thought of earlier in the day simply vanish.

Today is no exception. But in my defence, I took all three girls shopping today, to the market AND the supermarket. And 2yo didn't have a sleep today!! My baby is growing up. She is coping without having a nap quite well. I still put her down every few days, but it's not essential.
That doesn't mean for a second she will sleep in!! Oh noooooooo. She's still up at around 7. I guess that is a sleep in, sometimes it can be 6am!!

I went to a baby shop the other day and spoke to the car seat fitter to work out whether 2yo is ready for a booster seat. She is :'-( Another sign she is growing up. My baby!! I haven't bought it yet. I forgot to check the bank balance before I went there. I also forgot a pay went in the weekend before. Oh well. I'll get there this week and give my baby another milestone. Oh and another new thing for her to drive me mad with. Taking her head out, undoing the seatbelt. Oh the joys!!

Look at that! I had nothing to say, but I found 2 paragraphs!!

Talking about the kids gives me a chance to avoid what's really going on. The fact I am ignoring what I need to do and eating absolute shite with no thought to the consequences.
I am a logical person. I know what happens when bad things go in. I see the scales going up. I have this delusion that I can get back on track, there is no hurry.

I can no longer say that I have lost 20 kilos, I'm in the teens. Only just, but there. it's creeping back on, but I don't seem to be suitably alarmed into action. My counsellor said I need to start loving myself. I guess it's easier said than done.

Maybe once school holidays are over and I can get into a real routine and not be at home so much... oh how I love being at home. No rushing around. We can go out when we want, or not!! But my gym time seems to get mucked around. I am still not doing something every day. It just doesn't seem to work, even with Ken home. He was sick yesterday, so I wasn't prepared to leave him with the kids. Today I was stuffed after shopping. I should have gone to the gym before I went to the shops, but Ken and I had an argument and he nicked off out the back. His solution to not getting his way. By tonight I was over the kids.

I was supposed to go scrapbooking, but Ken was out the back until 8pm. It started at 7. I could have gone out and got him, maybe it was my way out. I love scrapbooking, but the thought of dragging it all out tonight just exhausted me. I couldn't even be bothered getting it all out at home, let alone someone else's place.
I needed to get out of the house too. The kids did my head in today. Ken is taking them to Daddy playgroup in the morning, then out to his sisters, so I'll pretty much have a kid free day tomorrow! Yay! Gym in the morning, then off to pick up almost the full collection of Karen Greenwood's Phryne fisher series!! 16 books and I've only read one of them!! Woo hoo! That will keep me busy! And the best bit, instead of $26 a book, I'm only paying about $11!! I love Ebay!!

Once again, as usual, I am exhausted, so I will stop waffling here. I am burning a DVD at the moment, then I am shutting down the timezapper and getting some sleep! No sleep ins in this house!


  1. Ness enjoy your rest Day tomorrow and read your new Book ..Berys xxxx

  2. Enjoy your rest day Ness, but remember the only person who is going to look after Ness's health is Ness. Please please take care of you. {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}