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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quick blog. It's almost 8:30. I had a busy day and am very glad the kids are in bed. I think I shall follow them.

We went to the library for a school holiday program. 3yo seemed to like it, but 2yo didn't like it at all. She wanted to go home.
We went to a friend's place afterwards and the kids had a ball playing together.

We came home and I had to treat the girls hair again. I had checked their hair this morning and think I got most of them, but needed to put the teatree and comb through it tonight. I think they were all dead from the last treatment and this was just tidying up, but it's still a pain in the arse to have to do this all the time. If every child's hair was treated and got rid of all the bugs, there would be no headlice at all!! How can parents sit there and watch their poor kids scratching their heads? I hate it!

Anyhoo, vent done for today.

Food was bad yesterday and today. I feel like a fool with the way I'm acting at the moment. Amy is really taking charge at the moment.

I'm going to bed. I might write in my paper diary.


  1. Hey Ness, I remember when my youngest was little, we had to do her hair religiously every Sunday night, it became part of our regime. She used to suffer from really bad eczema as well, so we couldn't use any of the off the shelf stuff, all we could do was lather her hair in conditioner and comb and comb and comb. It was such a stressful time. And .... OMG, what is it about nits, whenever you talk about them your head gets itchy! LOL Keep talking Ness, I hope it helps :) Luv Gwen

  2. Buggar about the lice. Hope they're all gone now. Except my head is suddenly scratchy... :o)

    Don't worry about food yesterday. The day is past. Start fresh today. And who is Amy and why are you letting her win? :o)