My Progress

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday, and once again another week has zoomed by and I have done nothing to change my eating. I don't know exactly what I need to foot myself up the bum and get moving. Does there need to be a huge catalyst, some horrible event that makes me see the light?

Yes, this has been going on for months. Yes, I am repeating myself constantly.

I was given an eating plan from my trainer. Well, he runs the gym and updated my fitness program, so gave me an eating plan to kickstart everything.

Breakfast- porridge 1 cup

3 hours later, protein shake and 1-2 pieces of fruit.

Lunch 1 cup of brown or basmatti rice with 100-180g chicken or tuna, or palm sized red meat. Any green fiberous (?) veggie.

3 hours later protein shake.

Dinner- as lunch, but no rice.

Shake after tea, with warm water (Ewwww!)

One free meal a week,
No sugar
No Wheat
No Dairy
No Alcohol
No Salt

Apparently no life for a couple of weeks!

This isn't a long term plan, it's once again to get things kickstarted. It's a plan he gave a bodybuilder!! It doesn't look too bad, but not much variety, so I couldn't do it for too long.
Now, I am going to make a list of Green vegies, cos I'm imagining a plate silverbeet and spinach and that's not appealing for every meal!

So, I will google and get my CK friends to help me!

Green Vegetables!

Bok Choy
Choy Sum
Snow peas
Brussel Sprout
Celery (vomit!! I can only eat it cooked!)

That's just google. Wikipedia is a great tool. There were a lot of names I had never seen before, so the chances of me actually finding them are slim. It at least gives me something to go on. I'm not sure how many of them are "fibrous". I'm assuming all vegetables have an amount of fibre in them. Really, eating any of them would have to be beneficial!

Well, I've missed my morning snack and am feeling rather famished. I really have to work on morning tea. I try to plan everything for the mornings and it's 11:00 before I know it.
Off to forage through the kitchen!


  1. Oh your plan sounds yuck (sorry that wasnt much help)I hope you go well with it.

  2. i actually like the sound of your plan ... but there's not that many cals there (from my rough workings) ... how long do you need to stick to it for?

  3. I think that is what I meant by yuck Julie. I use the wrong word not enough substance is that a better word. I think you will need more calories. Three protien shakes wow and with warm water ahh thats is what prompted the yuck. Any way Ness as I said i hope it gives you the kick you need.

  4. I know I'm a freak, but it actually sounds yummo! I love all that stuff and I haven't had dairy or wheat or most of those things now since before Xmas (waivered over xmas tho). As you know I've also vowed to give up alcohol for a while. I too am struggling with food addiction though. I dunno what it is? I'm thinking of going to the Dr and getting some appetite suppressants if only for a little while and hopefully to shrink my massive stomach that requires filling frequently!!!