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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today we went to the RACV's Great Australian Car Rally. Quite an ironic name, since it's run by a British car club and there are very few Australian cars there, but I digress.
I'll be honest, it was too big. I saw about 1% of the cars, I think, and that was enough for me.

I was going to say what a fizzer today was, but it actually turned out ok. Daddy playgroup was cancelled, so they came home early. If I had have been organised, instead of sitting at home eating ham and cheese, I wouldn't have been home when they got back. So much for my walk along the beach. We managed to leave for the rally early, it was a long day for the girls and we were only there 3 hours. I must admit, I was over it after about an hour.
We were exhausted when we got home. Ken and I had a fight in the car before we left the racecourse, but we were able to talk it out when we got home. I don't think he is being totally honest with me, but we'll see what happens down the track. He gave in way too easily today. I think he is lying by omission. A secret external harddrive to hide his naughty pictures? I wouldn't put it past him.

Anyway, we all calmed down, 3yo decided that she wanted to make newspaper hats like on "Blues Clues". If she hadn't run out of the paper, I think she would have made one for everyone she's ever met, and some she hasn't! There are photos of us wearing them, but they are still on the camera.

Speaking of photos, here are a few car snaps!

The photos aren't brilliant, but this is a replica of the first car ever built in 1885!!

This one is a Jaguar, well before they became Jaguars!! Apparently the Company was called "SS"(Don't ask me what that stood for, I'm lucky I remember this much!!). That was a very unpopular name in the 1930s, thanks to the Germans, so they became Jaguar!

This car I just looked at and went "oh yeah!!" The photo doesn't do it justice!! It was a beast!! Gorgeous vehicle!

And this was the main reason we went. Ken's best mate's Moke!! His is the blue one, his Dad's is the red one!! Once again, the photos don't do them justice. I forgot my camera, these were taken on my phone.

And with all those cars to look at and admire, where are my 2 happiest?? Playing in the stones on the way out!!


  1. I remember car show days with my first husband... One of the criteria when I started dating again was that they could NOT be car obssessed! :o) No way could I do that again. I applaud you.

  2. Ness would have not gotten me near a Car Show ..though thought you might like to know my hubby loved the photots ..But the Girls look as if they enjoyed the day ..Berys