My Progress

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I didn't blog yesterday. Oh der, I guess you can see that!!

I just had nothing to say.

Today, I feel tired, sore and not too happy with myself.

I'm back to 130kg. I wasn't going to see the 130s ever again. I did pump last night and I really felt it. I hadn't done a class in 3 weeks, so my strength was down a bit, but I also felt my stomach sticking out (more than normal). And my back was really feeling it.

I need to put it in perspective. I have gained 6 kilos in 6 months. In the previous 6 months to that I'd lost 26 kilos. I'm still ahead, but I'm not happy with where the scales are trending.

"So!??! Do something about it!"

I talk, a lot!! I am going to do this, I am going to do that. Gunna, gunna gunna!! I have a real problem with following through. I go alright for a little while, then I let bad habits creep back in. A bit of peanut butter here, an extra sandwich there. The last few nights I've been sitting up in bed with cheese and vegemite sandwiches. I'm not completely back to where I was, I probably would have had cordial or soft drink and a 250g block of chocolate to go with it if that was the case. But the fact that I was eating in bed, at night, shows I'm slipping.

So, what action is going to be taken?

...Hmmm, I am working to exercise every day. My easy days are just my workout, the harder days are classes and netball. At the moment it's easy, Ken's off work, so I leave him with the kids and off I go. He's back to work next week, so I'll be putting them in the Creche in the mornings til Kinder starts back, then I only need to put 2yo in there.

This wont always happen, but if I only miss the odd day, I'll be happy.

Food. Damn stupid fucking food! I used to love it. I loved cooking, creating, eating!! It was my thing. I guess if people loved my food, they loved me. That's how starved for attention I was.

Things changed. I moved out of home. I got sacked as a cook (three warnings- I was worked into the ground, Cheap labour!! I was earning $10 an hour, the people around me $17. Thanks Mr Kennett!!) I was working Saturday nights, then coming back and doing Sunday mornings too. It put me off working with food. I'd put on heaps of weight working there. I was 18, had my licence, worked with food, very little exercise. I ate at the restaurant, had no inclination to eat healthily or look after myself. I was too busy filling shifts and was unable to say "no" to more work. It was all about the money. It was surviving, not looking towards the future.

Having said that, I was still really a kid. I didn't start looking to the future until I was in my 20s. Ken and I had started saving for our house. I still wasn't looking after myself healthwise. The inclination to do that didn't come until I'd had children. 3yo was a baby and I was having a smoke. I realised that if I kept doing that, I wouldn't see her grow up. It also increased the likelyhood of her starting the habit, I loved her too much to do that to her. So I quit. I admit, there have been lapses, but I've always stopped again. It might be a week, or a day (I let my niece talk me into having them when I'm with her.)

So if I can quit smoking without the "all or nothing" (or is that "nothing or all") attitude, why can't I quit the junk the same way?

Why am I choosing to go back down the bad path again??
Is it easier to say "it's all too hard and I don't want to do it anymore? No, because some of the changes I have made have stuck.

Is it self esteem? Most definitely! I would fight tooth and nail for my friends, would do anything for them, but I can't even ask my friend to watch my girls for a few hours so Ken and I can have dinner together and see a movie. We know exactly where we want to go and what movie to see, but I can't bring myself to ask, yet I'll babysit at the drop of a hat for anyone.
A mixture of the whole "need to be needed" thing, and not feeling worthy of the night out. Throw in a bit of controlling Mum who doesn't like leaving her kids with anyone for too long, mainly because I don't want to stretch the friendship. What if I need a babysitter again for something important and I've wasted a turn on a frivolous night out. (ok, not logical, because this friend would say yes on both accounts, no hesitation.)

I have to keep telling myself I am worth this. Eventually I may believe it. The old "fake it til you make it". Nobody else is going to do this for me. Except maybe a surgeon, lol. I have this fear that if I had liposuction, they would take out half the fat cells and I'd be left lopsided!!

I was going to go to the gym this afternoon. Ken says "go tonight". He's waiting for a call to pick up his car from the mechanics. Ok, I can wait. I'll go around 7, when I would normally go to an evening class. (Turns out the car's not going to be ready til tomorrow!)
At 6:00, I see something in Gabby's hair! A great big bug!! EEEEEWWWWWW!! The next two hours is spent treating and combing the girls hair, then Ken's hair and finally my hair! 8:30pm and the girls are finally showered, teeth brushed, story read and into bed.
So there goes my workout tonight. If he thinks I'm going to miss it tomorrow morning, he's got another thing coming!! I am trying to make the most of him being home!


  1. I am in hiding, cant comment, not doing good myself. But would like to say we would babysit anytime you want us too. My kids adore your kids.

  2. Don't beat yourself up about it. You may have put on some weight, but look how far you've come. Don't let it go too far, you said yourself it isn't anywhere near as bad as it used to be. I've had a few mishaps myself over the last few months, the trick is to forget about them and get back on that horse. You know you have to, you know why you have to - for the kids AND yourself! We have to learn to put ourselves first, I know its soooo hard when you are an adoring Wife and Mum, but at the end of the day if we're not good, then we're no good to anyone. I was at the stage I could barely walk when I started. Go back to the very beginning, rekindle that energy you had then, the reasons you started the journey, talk to me, Katt, Julie..... We can all help each other. Keep at it luvvy, its all gonna be worth it. If I lived near you I'd be only too happy to help. Don't be afraid to ask for help, take up the offers of babysitting and take some time out - you deserve it. Thinking of you. Luv Gwen xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. {{{{{hugs}}}}} I'd babysit if I lived closer. :) I don't know what to say Ness. I can do the positive vibe thing for you but truth is, everything you wrote (apart from the kids stuff) hits home for me. I get it. I guess the thing is you do just have to keep plugging away. you WILL get there, you want this for your kids I know you do. But maybe you need to cut yourself some slack. You don't expect perfection from your friends and family, so why do you demand it of yourself? You are human too. Please go easy on yourself. Don't beat yourself up. You are worthy and valuable, and deserve to be taken care of.
    Oh, and giving up smoking is a hell of a lot easier than giving up food. You can make the choice to never smoke another cigarette in your life (6 years next week for me) but you have to eat every day or you die. Don't campare the 2 - they are like apples and cheesecakes. :)