My Progress

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I went shopping today. I decided to get some more photos printed. I didn't scrapbook last night like I thought about, but I did use my "new" sizzix machine to cut out some stickers for Daddy playgroup. I spent 1/2 hour on that. The novelty wears off quickly!! but I did read the instructions, so I actually know how to use it now!
Anyway, I didn't really have any more photos to scrapbook, so I needed to get some more. I took both girls to Fountain Gate! OMFG!! I should know by now to take them out as little as possible. I spend more time saying "3yo!! Where are you?" than I do actually shopping. Another part of my time is spent making sure 2yo doesn't fall out of the trolley!!
3yo wouldn't tell me what she wanted for lunch. I say, "fine, do you want to just go home?" "Yes". So out we go, we get to the car park and she says "I want lunch"!! Well too bad, we're on the way home. "I'll have lunch at home" No, that's why we're out, because there is no food in the house and we need to go to the supermarket. Lunch is before shopping so we don't buy half the shop! AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!! Is it a wonder I have any hair left with these kids!
We ended up at McDonalds. They had a play and ate a bit. Then we went to not quite right. It's a dangerous place, they have yummy things cheap! We don't go there very often, because they have a lot of yummy things cheap!! Today I went cos they have my oats there and, even though I didn't need to, I wanted to stock up on them.
In the end, I went to NQR, the market and Aldi. I had to go to Aldi because my usual chicken shop lady was on holidays this week and nobody was prepared to drop the price for me. So I said I'd leave it til she came back. Wasn't impressed with them today, but then everyone must have been having a break this week, cos even the owner and his wife was away. Not a happy place today. So I thought I'd try out Aldi's meat. Bought some rump steak. Their portions are fantastic! They are about the palm of my hand, not the size of half a cow like most places!! I know, I could just cut them in half, but then I have 4 pieces and I only need 3. Aldi gave me 3! Very impressed. The only thing wrong was that the pieces were different thicknesses and I didn't cook Ken's enough, but that's not Aldi's fault! I just needed to cook his a little longer.

I loaded my dinner up with lots of veggies. Two hours later I was hungry again. Maybe I need to look at the combination of veggies to work out what will fill me up. I don't know.

I was listening to one of Jillian's podcasts and she mentioned the topic of "food obsession" I really, really need to look into that. I seem to think about food a lot. The questions Jillian asked from a website I answered yes to I think it was 3 out of 5 questions, but with a leaning towards a fourth one. I also need to look into OA. The local meeting isn't happening, but apparently there is one 20 minutes away. I don't have the details. I'm sure it will be on the net.

But right now, it's 11:45pm and I really need to get to sleep, so I can go for my walk on the beach tomorrow.


  1. I was talking about the food obsession thing with fellow CK'ers yesterday. You are not the only one who thinks about it ALL the time... I believe there are many of us. Of course, I don't have an answer - if I did I'd be a millionaire - I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one. :o)

  2. Hey Ness, I go to OA. I started around September and I find it really helps me. I go off the wagon "often" but at least it keeps me thinking and it's a process that isn't gonna be fixed overnight. But I think about food all the time!